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How to Host an HBO Max Watch Party

How to Host an HBO Max Watch Party?

It’s no surprise that the number of streaming services across the world has increased with the lockdown amidst the pandemic during the last few years. With no way to host an offline party, people tended to find ways to host a virtual online party to have fun. That was when watch parties like HBO watch party, Netflix Party, and Prime video watch parties were introduced.

Even though they have been only identified among a mass audience due to these lockdown periods, they have been in the field for many years before the pandemic itself. Since realizing the huge potential of video streaming technology, Netflix became one of the most popular on-demand streaming providers, paving way for many such video streaming providers to emerge and function.  

Using HBO Max Watch Party, you can watch simultaneously a movie or a series or any video with your friends as well as react and chat with them in a chat field, or by using a mic and video chatting option if there is any, in real-time all along watching the movie. 

The two best extensions that you can use for the HBO Max watch party feature for free are Teleparty and Scener. 

What You Need for an HBO Max Watch Party:

In order to watch, host, or even attend a watch party in HBO Max, you need to have an HBO Max Subscription. Also with a laptop, desktop computer, or PC, you might need a watch party extension like Scener or Teleparty to watch movies together with your friends, family, or mates. 

You might not be able to attend an HBO Max Watch Party through mobile phones or iPad. With the Teleparty extension, you can have 50 guests invited for a watch party which only supports text conversation. But for the extension of Scener, you can invite up to 10 guests offering text, audio, and even video chat during the watch party.

How to Host an HBO Max Watch Party:

HBO Max does not have an inbuilt feature like Prime Video to host a watch party. Therefore you might need to use browser extensions to utilize the feature of watch party in HBO Max. After installing a Watch Party feature on your computer, set up a virtual screening. For this to work, all your friends also have to install the same extension to be part of the watch party. 

Going to the browser, open the HBO Max website. Log in to your account and start watching your favorite movie or TV show that you wanted to watch with your friends. Simultaneously, go to the toolbar, where you can find the icon for the video streaming extension that you have downloaded before, and so has your friends. You can even pin the extension icon to find it easily before streaming the watch party by clicking the start the party button. You can invite your friends to join the watch party by sharing the URL link with them, which would be appearing in a new window. Once everyone joins the watch party, start over your movie and watch it with them by interacting constantly through chats during the film. After you have finished watching, you can press the disconnect button to end streaming the watch party. 

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